David Shrigley
Gold leaf on granite


Seung Mo Park uses giant swaths of stainless steal meshing to create his complex and stunning works of art. Beginning with a projected photograph Park slowly layers the wire meshing via cuts and welding until he arrives at a three dimensional sculpture of his subject. In his latest body of work these sculptures depict a woman from a dream Park had. The body of work is meant to convey a sense of illusion relating to the dream which is achieved from the sculpture’s three dimensionality causing the images to seem ethereal, flat or shadowy ethereal, flat or shadowy depending on where the viewer stands. - Zach Tutor

Between the Folds

Origami as pastime, art, and science.

Swami’s, Encinitas, CA

(c)  Thu Jelden, 1996

3 Surfers 

(c) Thu Jelden, 2010

Jimson Weed flower on the trails of Lake Calaveras, Vista, CA

(c)Thu Jelden, 2008